Antinfortunistica Toscana, now based in the naval district of Viareggio, was born more than 15 years ago and it's a strong Italian reality in supply of safety equipment and clothing, and safety training courses

A branch of the company, Crew Pro Uniform, has been dedicated to the yacht industry, above all to the demand of technical clothes for crews. Lately, thanks to the growth of the Italian yacht industry, Crew Pro Uniform has seen the increase of its customers, reaching new markets outside Italy and developing its range of services and products.

The goal of CrewPro Uniform is to provide crew members and yacht owners with a wide range of products, starting from the core business of technical clothes to nautical supplies, safety equipment and of courses, linen and customized items.

Crew Pro Uniform is now ready doing some virtual landscaping in order to provide its customers with an even better experience. Therefore in the meantime sign up in our newsletter and you will become one of the first to know when the site is ready.

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